Students struggling with how to use quotes? Try Prolific Labs’ new, free tool!

By treating the practice of quoting as a simple series of questions, QIWM turns a potentially mystifying compositional move into an easy-to-practice routine.

Watch our video to see how QuoteItWith.Me’s idea, that “to quote is to question,” helps writers stop plagiarizing their sources, and start analyzing them instead.

Try QuoteItWith.me!

Five Easy Pieces

QuoteItWith.me starts with a friendly request to paste in a quote. The app then walks a learner through the steps necessary to frame the quote while coaching them on the finer points of evaluating sources.

This means answering the simple questions that build a citation: who said it, where, when?

The final step encourages the learner to edit the framed quote for clarity and coherence, even offering to read the finished work aloud (when using Chrome).

Simple, powerful guided practice.

Assignment Suggestion
Have students visit QuoteItWith.Me and frame a dozen quotations from different sources.

Through simple practice—guided by QIWM—students perform, repeat, and learn the steps necessary to correctly introduce and attribute quotations.quotations.