Annotate PRO

Wish you could create better feedback for your students and faster?

Or have students create better feedback for each other at the peer review stage?

Have you ever created a list of comments that you reuse? Or felt like you were saying the same things to students over and over again?

Meet Annotate PRO – your cloud library of comments that you can use across Google Docs, Microsoft Word, learning platforms like Canvas and Schoolology – almost anywhere you can type┬átext.

Annotate PRO is available to Prolific Labs clients through a partnership with

The screenshot below shows Annotate PRO for Chrome and its right-click menu, providing access to a deep library of comments.

(this button will take you to, Prolific Labs’ partner and the developers of Annotate PRO)

Annotate PRO comes with 10 comment slots (focused on argument) you can quickly modify.

Individuals and schools can license the entire, 170+ comment College Edition Library. And to celebrate the release of our Microsoft Word Add-in, we’re providing it free to all through June 30, 2017.

After selecting a comment you can always personalize it for the particular student.

Of course the library is customizable and extendable.

Now we see the same library, but elegantly embedded in Microsoft Word!

The all-new Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word 2016 will be available by February 28, 2017!