Help students construct better writing at the draft stage.

Create better feedback, faster.

Do your students need help learning how to integrate quotes into their writing?

What if students could receive customized coaching on this crucial skill? is our first solution for students.

By treating the practice of quoting as a simple series of questions, QIWM turns a potentially mystifying writing skill into an easy-to-practice routine.

How much time do you spend
grading papers?

What if you could improve feedback while saving time?

Annotate PRO provides teachers with a library of comments they can use to respond to student writing.

By writing responses to key writing issues in advance teachers can create far better feedback, faster.


Deliberate practice to help students construct better writing.

Annotate PRO

Comment libraries to speed articulate, targeted feedback.

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    Step-by-Step Instruction

    Methodical, wizard-like walkthroughs on integration quotations, a crucial skill for success in college and beyond.

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    Deliberate Practice

    Learn by doing!

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    Targeted Coaching

    Help evaluating the quality of sources & balancing editorial perspectives.

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    Free to use!

    No signup or integrations required.

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    Help Spotting Fake News

    Alerts and coaching when fake news sites are entered as source names.

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    College Edition Library

    170+ pre-written comments, across Argument, Organization, Grammar, Style, Documentation & Formatting.

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    Cloud Library

    Your library is completely customizable and available anywhere you can get on the Internet.

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    Custom Libraries

    Custom libraries for your school power consistent feedback, professional development, curriculum alignment.

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    Google Chrome Extension

    Insert pre-written comments into Google Docs and almost any website (Gmail, LMS…).

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    Microsoft Word Add-in

    Insert pre-written comments into any Word document with our custom Add-in.